Question: How long does it take for a design to be completed?

Answer: The timescale of a project is generally dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind I will endeavour to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation of a site is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to me by the client.

Question: I would like you to design my site, what do I need to do now/what is the process?

Answer: If you would like to use my services all you need to do is inform me of the domain name you would like to use (I can help you with this if you are not sure) and send me a brief idea of your requirements. It helps to know what color palette you like. Some artists like a site that has a white background, some like black, and some like some particular color or combination of colors. We can work on this together as I mock up a potential home page for you, but it helps to have some hints beforehand of what colors you prefer over others for a look and feel of your website. Samples of your work and if you'd like your photo on your "about me" type of page, send that along. I can purchase the domain in your name (or help you purchase it yourself), purchase the right hosting package for your project (or help you purchase this yourself) and then based on your guidance, design an initial home page for you.

This is then refined/changed in consultation with you until a satisfactory design has been reached. I will then need you to forward content (i.e. bio, artist statement, resume) and images for your site and start to design the website for you.

Question: Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting?

Answer: I can do this in your behalf or walk you through the process of how to do it.

Question: How much will it cost?

Answer: The price can range from $400 to $2000 depending upon how much time is required - the level of complexity of design, how many pages, how many images, etc. Most simple custom-designed sites seem to fall into the $400-$800 level, but if you need something more inexpensive, we offer an entry level package that is basic but would still serve your purpose to have a presence on the web and a way people can know what you do and contact you. Like a basic brochure but online 24/7 for any user online to access. We offer our basic 4-page entry level package for $400 and it includes:

  • Artists

    • choice of background color
    • home page that will include your name in a large font, and can include a photo of you, a single image of one piece of artwork to feature, or some other logo image that you provide
    • about the artist page (where you can put a brief bio and artist statement)
    • one page where you can display 4-6 images of your artwork (each image will be labeled with the name, media and dimensions)
    • contact the artist page (where you can put your studio address, phone number, email or whatever you feel most comfortable putting on this page for contact information)

  • Small Business

    • choice of background color
    • home page that will include your name or company name in a large font and can include a photo of you, or some other logo image that you provide
    • about yor company (where you can put a brief history and bio about your company, and you if that is appropriate)
    • one page where you can briefly describe your products or services
    • contact us page (where you can put your office address, phone number, email or whatever you feel most comfortable putting on this page for contact information)

For artists, if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, I can also come to your working studio or home for an hourly rate and take digital images of your artwork for your website if that is a service you need.

Payment can be made by check, bank transfer or by using Paypal (3% is added to cover paypal transaction fees). Your only ongoing cost will be your annual hosting fee and annual domain registration renewal, which I can do on your behalf and bill you for - so you don't have to remember, or you can do yourself.

Question: Why does the guy down the street charge less / more for his website design services?

Answer: There are thousands upon thousands of "web site designers" out there - everything from inexperienced teenagers making a few extra bucks, to high-end firms that charge many thousands of dollars. I aim to give all of my clients 'value for money' websites. My style is to design clean simple but professional websites that load quickly and show off the artwork or your small business service. My services include:

  • Custom Website Design - your own unique look and feel.
  • Domain name and hosting (I can help you get this set up in your name - which most people do, or establish it and maintain the recurring payments myself and just bill you so there is nothing for you to remember)
  • Search engine Optimised web pages
  • Optimised graphics
  • Clean Code
  • Cross Browser Compatibility (also supports all those users out there still on dial-up speed accounts)
  • A range of solutions
  • Free Support
  • Free Advice

I have been a small business entrepreneur most my professional life, including founding a successful online advertising interactive agency for 13 years, so I know the challenges faced by small businesses.

I am a person who is an artist myself and so understands what artists need to establish their online presence and get their art in front of more people.

I am person who is sensitive to users who talents are based in art or in running a small business and not necessarily technology or the internet.

Question: Do I need to send a deposit for the work?

Answer: Yes I generally ask for a 25% deposit from clients but we can discuss this.

Question: Do you provide a cost estimate before we get started?

Answer: If you are making an inquiry about a possible site you would like created, please provide a brief outline of your requirements (including an estimate of how many artwork images you would like to have displayed). I will then mail you back promptly with an idea of price/timescale and any suggestions with regard to your project. You are not obliged to use my services at any stage during this process, so feel free to ask any related questions you may have.

Question: What aftersales support do you offer?

Answer: After the completion of a website project I am available for after sales service. Any minor tweaks or amendments are carried out to the site free of charge in the first month. Any support you might need thereafter - for changes or just site updates for images or content, will be available to you at an hourly rate of $25, with a minimum charge of 1/4 hour per request. Depending on the amount of work involved, we can arrange billing on a monthly or quarterly basis. For most websites, routine updates do not amount to more than a couple hours each quarter.

Question: Are you available to take over maintenance of my web site if it was designed by another company?

Answer: Possibly. Much depends on the scope of your needs. If you simply need someone to add or modify text in your existing site and the code already in place allows for it, I charge an hourly rate for that and can provide an estimate. If you're looking for a significant redesign of your site, this will depend upon the complexity and what the current code allows for. I can take a look and let you know.

Question: Do you offer Flash sites?

Answer: I am not currently offering Flash. In many cases, Flash is overused on web sites, to the point that the web site visitor is annoyed and irritated and it often detracts from the artwork itself. I believe in keeping sites clean, simple and easy to navigate. This does not mean that in the right circumstances, small Flash elements cannot enhance a site. Used properly, Flash can be quite beneficial.

Question: What can I expect from having a web site? Will I be overwhelmed with customers?

Answer: Quite honestly, the scenario of putting your site online and the next day being bombarded with thousands of customers is highly unlikely. A realistic view is that the average small business web site may get 50-150 visitors a day. Some of those visitors turn into real business, others are simply browsing around online. However, your website will be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even a modest 30 visitors a day translates into about 900 visitors a month - around 10,000 visitors a year. Clearly, a properly designed web site has the ability to reach a wide audience of potential customers. For a relatively small investment, the payback of having a custom website can be well worth it. Many artists use their website as their 24-by-7 online brochure and refer potential art collectors they meet offline there to review more artwork at their leisure. Being accessible online, being found in search engines and having a way people can contact you online is a critical component of any marketing plan.

Send an e*mail (katiemoe at hotmail dot com) and let me know what you need and what kind of site you'd like to have.